Tech Target’s Annual IT Survey Reveals Priorities for 2017

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Tech Target recently released the results of its ninth annual IT Priorities Survey, which picked the brains of some 971 IT pros. The researchers discovered a mixed bag of network specialists pursuing innovation while still relying on old standbys.

The IT survey indicates that when it comes to innovation, upgrading existing infrastructure is top-priority in 2017: 49 percent of respondents said they’re currently looking into new software systems, while 25 percent saw themselves exploring new strategies for hybrid deployments. IT automation also saw plenty of love from network engineers hoping to gain a better foothold on network management.

IT Survey: Breakdown of Priorities

IT pros will be stockpiling resources and energy over the coming year in these 10 initiatives:

  1. Virtual private network
  2. Domain name servers and dynamic host configuration protocol management
  3. Network virtualization
  4. Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure
  5. Software-defined networking
  6. Remote office connectivity
  7. Internet performance management
  8. Wide-area network (WAN) optimization
  9. Software-defined WAN
  10. Mobile network optimization

Surprisingly, the top two priorities for 2017 involve legacy technologies, while cutting-edge features like network virtualization and IoT lurk just behind. This strategy highlights the need for modern enterprise to strike the right balance between the dependability of yesterday’s tech and the efficiency of tomorrow’s.

Investing in the Future

When asked how their priorities will shape budget expenditures in 2017, 59 percent indicated that cloud services will take center stage. Considering that almost half of those polled expected larger budgets to play with this year, cloud spending could find itself rising to new heights as 2017 unfolds.

But the cloud wasn’t the only aspect of networking to garner interest: 53 percent of survey-takers were on the lookout for investments to bolster their on-site network initiatives. Those sticking to basic investments — like server, backup and disaster recovery — accounted for roughly 36 percent of respondents. Meanwhile, with just 15 percent devoting budget increases to staffing, the network professional job market appears set for a potentially quiet 2017.

What about security? Never failing to find a spot on annual budgets, security will remain at the forefront of concerns for 44 percent of those surveyed. Drilling further, 39 percent indicated end-point security will be a priority in the coming months. Following only slightly behind were network access control, cutting-edge firewalls and threat management, all at 35 percent. Data protection and cloud security also received noteworthy interest with about 30 percent, highlighting these as top concerns moving forward.

Ultimately, Tech Target’s IT survey reveals two things: No matter how much change and innovation washes over the IT sector, businesses always rely on a few foundational strategies. Still, change shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it comes to security. With increasing budgets devoted to new and old technologies alike, it’s never been more important to keep one foot in the past with the other planted in the stream of innovation.

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