IBM Cloud Managed vCPE Service Offers Automation and Agility

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Communications service providers (CSPs) are facing an uphill battle to provide automated, speedy and ultimately profitable service delivery. Their plight is due to competition from mobile messaging apps, decreasing voice traffic revenue and a commoditized marketplace.

Additionally, many providers today use dedicated, physical customer premises equipment (CPE) to deliver managed services. As they attempt to scale and manage their deployments, adding proprietary appliances can become operationally exhausting and expensive.

However, there are opportunities in network function virtualization to address these issues. Leading providers are exploring and deploying virtual customer premises equipment (vCPE) to deliver network services like routing, firewall security and virtual private network connectivity to enterprises through software rather than dedicated hardware. But the cost, time and skill required for virtual transformation of operational environments presents a real challenge.

To make life easier, IBM is partnering with Juniper to provide vCPE as a managed service and software-defined wide-area network. This will provide an avenue to easily grow and deploy CSP enterprise services, quickly deliver customized user experiences anywhere in the network and provide the agility enterprises need at far lower costs.

IBM is uniquely positioned to deliver a managed vCPE service through these advantages:

Delivery Through Cloud and Automation Platforms

IBM owns IBM Bluemix, which can be used to host software-defined networking control elements and orchestration tools to effectively deploy a vCPE environment. IBM can also easily provision and offer design and deployment services through automation. With this combination, IBM has the perfect platform to deliver virtual CPE design, deployment and managed services.

A Global Powerhouse of Expert Talent

IBM has unparalleled global reach and technical expertise worldwide. With the help of its technical assets, vCPE services can be addressed and enabled for a CSP globally.

Remote Management

IBM’s Integrated Management Platform is an ideal vendor remote management platform to provide remotely managed services after the network has been designed, deployed and built. With vCPE, this advantage can be offered as a service that can be managed anywhere.

Customer Scenario Testing at Solution Integration Hub Labs

IBM has partnerships with the best-of-breed vendors in the IT and telecom industry. With Solution Integration Labs in Dallas and Nice, IBM can provide vendor-neutral solutions to meet customers technical and business requirements. IBM can also test managed vCPE service on-site for the CSP environment and provide additional customization as needed prior to deployment.

Stop by the IBM booth at TM Forum in Nice, May 15–18, to learn more about why IBM’s cognitive, dynamic and hybrid solutions are right for managing your business. You can even request a meeting during this week to discuss how IBM’s managed vCPE-as-a-service can benefit your organization.

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