IBM Watson Data Platform Grows Into Data Science OS

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IBM’s cloud-based data science operating system is nearing completion, and it’s poised to unite data scientists, analysts and business leaders to make data more consumable.

The Watson Data Platform will become a cohesive OS in October and November, according to Derek Schoettle, general manager for IBM Watson Data Platform, ZDNet reports.

In addition, Watson Data Platform has a new functionality which allows it to catalog data and determine the state that it is in.

“The easier IBM can make it for companies to move data into Watson Data Platform and make it consumable, the faster it can be a data science operating system,” ZDNet notes.

IBM Watson Poised to Utilize Data

Schoettle believes the companies that make the best use of their primary natural resource — data — will be at the forefront of their industries over the next 10 years.

“Data science today is an aggregation of parts and roles and piecemeal applications,” ZDNet reports. “That state makes sense given that data science itself is a combination of disciplines ranging from business intelligence and analysis to data science to mathematics and statistics. Simplifying the moving technology parts of data science will enable business leaders to more easily transform their businesses.”

IBM plans to make Watson Data Platform a dynamic catalog that has modeling and sharing capabilities across all functions. The company that develops a data OS will likely to play an integral role in artificial intelligence.

“AI needs a common OS,” Schoettle told ZDNet. Furthermore, he believes there has been a positive reception to the notion of Watson as an OS that is consumable by a cloud service.

“An OS is a better alternative to doing it yourself and up levels the discussion,” said Schoettle, according to the source.

However, there are a few potential wild cards for the cloud-based Watson data science OS, including importing enterprise data and finding the right packaging and pricing that will appeal to customers. Nonetheless, Gartner named IBM as a leader in data science platforms and found that the company’s Data Science Experience could address these shortcomings.

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