IBM Updates Cloud Storage Services With Lower-Cost, Scalable Options

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IBM has announced two major updates to its cloud storage services — compliance-enabled vaults and concentrated dispersal mode capabilities. These new functionalities will enable organizations to deploy entry-level cloud object storage with the ability to scale to larger configurations as their needs grow.

Compliance-enabled vaults allow companies to meet regulatory standards by creating data vaults that protect critical information from deletion or modification. Meanwhile, concentrated dispersal mode capabilities enable organizations to configure the IBM Cloud Object Storage System at a capacity as small as 72 terabytes. This solution requires far less hardware infrastructure than previous offerings did, according to the official press release.

Help for Regulation Management

IBM’s new cloud storage services are targeted at large private cloud users in regulated industries, such as companies seeking more efficient ways to store and manage growing stockpiles of compliance data.

Regulatory compliance is a hot topic these days, as new consumer privacy guidelines such as the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation place greater emphasis on data protection and issue stiffer penalties for noncompliance.

As IBM points out, the financial services, health care and government sectors typically have strict regulatory requirements that limit an organization’s options for low-cost storage of compliance data in a data center.

Another issue with on-premises object storage is the dearth of cost-effective, lower-capacity options for companies that want to start small and scale up. For instance, a financial services firm seeking object storage for less than 300 TB of regulatory compliance data has few affordable options — a problem IBM is addressing with its new concentrated dispersal mode capabilities.

Cost Benefits for Smaller Companies

IBM’s on-premises object storage capability is a good fit for archives requiring protection against data deletion and modification, the company says. The new service can “significantly lower the cost of a system with capacity as low as 72 TB, for any use case, making initial deployment more attainable without losing the ability to scale up as usage expands,” notes Rob McCammon, IBM Cloud Object Storage offering leader, in the press release.

Potential customers for these capabilities are financial services companies required to archive electronic records in a nonrewritable and nonerasable format. IBM says that one of the top five U.S. banks is currently using Cloud Object Storage’s compliance-enabled vault feature to meet compliance requirements.

Easy Scalability

The concentrated dispersal mode capability is targeted at companies that are new to object storage. By enabling smaller footprint systems that scale easily to larger configurations, organizations can start small with IBM Cloud Object Storage and expand to petabyte or larger systems, the company says.

“With the new concentrated dispersal mode capability offered by IBM, we can offer a very attractive cost of entry to replace traditional network-attached storage environments for a wide range of use cases, including data consolidation, departmental shares, home directories, application data storage over Network File System and Windows server modernization,” Rich Weber, chief product officer for IBM business partner Panzura, said in the IBM press release.

The compliance-enabled vaults and concentrated dispersal mode capability will be available on December 1, 2017.

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