IBM Unveils Advanced System for Big Data Analytics Across Clouds

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IBM has launched a new unified data system for advanced big data analytics across public, private and hybrid clouds. The system is designed to give users high-performance access to sophisticated data science capabilities and seamless expansion and integration with cloud-based data warehouse offerings.

The Integrated Analytics System supports a variety of data types and platforms, including the IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud Hadoop and IBM BigSQL. Built with the IBM common SQL engine, it enables users to quickly and easily move workloads to public or private cloud environments.

“Today’s announcement is a continuation of our aggressive strategy to make data science and machine learning more accessible than ever before and to help organizations begin harvesting their massive data volumes — across infrastructures — for insight and intelligence,” said IBM Analytics General Manager Rob Thomas in the official press release.

Data Science in the Cloud

The Integrated Analytics System includes a wide range of tools designed to help data scientists quickly build and deploy cloud-based analytics models for faster performance. It’s optimized to work with the IBM Data Science Experience, the Db2 Warehouse and Apache Spark. Spark speeds analytic applications by allowing analytics processing where the data resides.

Embedding the Data Science Experience and Spark on the Integrated Analytics System greatly simplifies machine learning processing. This solution significantly reduces the time and cost needed to move data, clean and discover data.

AMC Networks, which owns a variety of popular cable TV channels including AMC and IFC, has been testing the Integrated Analytics System for several months.

“The combination of high performance and advanced analytics — from the Data Science Experience to the open Spark platform — gives our business analysts the ability to conduct intense data investigations with ease and speed,” said Vitaly Tsivin, AMC Networks executive vice president, in the press release.

Seamless Integration

The new system’s integrated architecture is one of its key attributes, IBM notes. It seamlessly combines software improvements such as asymmetric massively parallel processing with IBM Power technology and flash memory storage hardware. It also builds on the IBM PureData System for Analytics, which integrates database, server, storage and analytics into a single system for big data analysis and supports previous IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances.

By embracing a wide range of data types and services, including the IBM Watson Data Platform, Hadoop, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and IBM BigSQL, the Integrated Analytics System is designed to play an integral role in an enterprise data architecture solution.

The system also incorporates hybrid transactional analytical processing, which runs predictive analytics, transactional and historical data on the same database for faster response times. By comparison, standard (and slower) business environments typically run transaction processing and analytics on distinct architectures.

The market for big data analytics shows great potential for vendors and customers alike. A recent Tech Pro Research survey found that only 39 percent of companies have invested in big data solutions — despite the fact that big data and analytics can boost business profitability by more than 60 percent, ZDNet reports.

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