IBM and Hortonworks Join Forces to Help Expand Access to Data Science

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A recent announcement made at the DataWorks Summit (formerly known as the Hadoop Summit) revealed IBM and Hortonworks will join forces to help expand access to data science and machine learning to more developers across the Apache Hadoop ecosystem, according to eWeek.

Partnership Expands Access and Brings Advantages

The IBM and Hortonworks partnership will offer new solution bundles by integrating the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) with IBM Data Science Experience and IBM Big SQL, improving how businesses and organizations analyze and manage their ever-increasing volumes of data. The partnering companies will leverage a common distribution of Hadoop — the open-source, Java-based programming framework that supports very large data sets in a distributed computing environment — and allow expanded access to big data insights, eWeek reported.

“What this means to the industry is a highly concentrated focus to bring HDP forward to the broader community,” Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden told eWeek.

Moreover, the offering will provide users with analytical tools to better utilize big data and make data-driven decisions.

“This partnership will provide an integrated and open data science and machine learning platform that lets teams easily collaborate and operationalize data science,” Rob Thomas, general manager of IBM Analytics, said in an IBM press release. Thomas also said access to big data insights can help businesses across a range of industries with various activities, such as identifying financial fraud, network intrusions and anomalies in manufacturing, eWeek reported.

Doing More With Data Science

The customer experience also stands to benefit from this technology.

“Open source allows us to move more quickly in an industry that doesn’t usually move that quickly,” said Dawn Douglass, managing director for Hortonworks customer Black Knight Financial Services, according to eWeek. “Being able to add analytics to our legacy platform has been key to improving the customer experience, so when the client calls, we know what’s going on in their lives.”

Furthermore, open-source tools can help streamline data collection and analysis while enabling businesses to make major leaps in their transformation efforts. For instance, John Pressley, director of IT at Duke Energy, told eWeek that leveraging Hadoop has helped his organization transform from an energy company to a digital company.

Together, IBM and Hortonworks will also advance the development of Unified Governance — which includes IBM BigIntegrate, IBM BigQuality and the IBM Information Governance Catalog — on the Apache Atlas open platform. Atlas makes it easier for developers to model new data assets by offering a governance platform for Enterprise Hadoop.

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