Here Are the Top IT Skills for 2017

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In the market for a job in IT? Maybe you’re just looking to brush up on today’s most in-demand skills. With unemployment in some areas in the IT industry falling as low as 1 percent, it’s a great time to have even a passing interest in IT. That said, CIO’s recently published list of the 10 top IT skills for 2017 reveals what employers will be looking for.

Flexible Development

Gone are the days of specializing in a single software development language. As fun as it was to be the resident Fortran expert, today’s IT climate calls for a much more well-rounded individual. It should come as no surprise, then, that full-stack software development takes the top spot in CIO’s list of top IT skills for 2017. Developers who can tackle the whole gamut of software responsibilities, from databases to DevOps, will be a hot commodity in the coming months.

Hot on the heels of full-stack development are skills that take the often misshapen software products and make them prettier and more usable. UI and UX designers and developers rank fifth on the list, further reinforcing the importance of software skills in 2017. Of course, software is only as good as those that test it, which is why quality assurance and testing claims the sixth spot.

All told, software development skills account for at least half of those in CIO’s list.

Security, AI and the Cloud

Despite software development’s stranglehold on CIO’s list, programming isn’t the only marketable skill to be honed in 2017. Fears of the growing dangers lurking behind nearly every internet shadow have pushed cybersecurity and networking professionals into the third and fourth spots, respectively.

Not to be outdone by other IT buzzwords, cloud technology skills found their way to the back of the list in the form of cloud engineering. It’s worth noting that CIO’s experts believe cloud engineers in 2017 will likely be called upon to be more developers than architects.

For those looking to sink their teeth into a flashier, more cutting-edge aspect of IT, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) may hit the mark. Going hand in hand with big data — also a top-10 skill — AI will help IT develop dynamic systems that are capable of making effective decisions in real time. CIO’s experts peg these skills in particular as ones that we’ll still be talking about in the years to come.

That said, 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for those in the IT industry. Taking a glance at the top 10 in-demand skills, it’s a great time to try something new. From software development to machine learning, there’s plenty to be learned.

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