Health System Uses Big Data Health Care Insights to Form Virtual Hospital

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CHI Franciscan Health — a private, nonprofit health care organization based in Tacoma, Washington — has launched a virtual hospital incorporating remote monitoring technology, telehealth and access to electronic health records by utilizing big data health care insights across seven different hospitals in its health system, reports Fierce Healthcare. The technology will allow 200 doctors, nurses and medical technology workers to remotely provide health care services like intensive care analyses and patient observations from a former bank office.

Big Data Transforms Hospital Operations

The resources designated to the virtual program is unique to the area. However, having the infrastructure that supports big data can potentially transform the way other health care organizations operate by allowing them to move inpatient monitoring away from their current hospital buildings.

“Heck, you can rent an office in an office park somewhere,” said Doug Upson, Providence Health’s cardiovascular services director for southwestern Washington, according to The News Tribune. “It’s all technology now. It takes connectivity, and that’s about it.”

In turn, the technology is paving the way for health systems to explore remote monitoring and offer bedless hospitals where patients can be treated and sent home the same day for less invasive procedures.

For instance, the University of Southern California Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic and a New York City hospital’s Express Care program are taking advantage of big data health care insights to provide virtual care options and telehealth services, Fierce Healthcare reports.

Enhancing Hospital Care

CHI Franciscan Hospital officials believe this virtual program adds vigilance to various hospital care and inpatient stays and eliminates waiting time for many types of consultations from urgent care to prolonged treatments, The News Tribune says.

“We really envision a future where patients will be able to have the care they need, just exactly when they need it,” Jessica Kennedy-Schlicher, a CHI Franciscan family medicine doctor told The News Tribune.

Moreover, the virtual program will not affect nursing staffing levels at any of the CHI Franciscan hospitals. In fact, hospital officials find that the arrangement of a virtual hospital should enable the organization to provide help more quickly when patients need it.

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