Digital Realty Trust’s New Data Center Points to a Bright Future

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As digital transformation continues to drive the enterprise world into the cloud, physical server space is becoming a highly sought-after commodity. Businesses don’t have to look far for evidence of this expanding market.

According to Data Center Knowledge, Digital Realty Trust is exemplifying this trend by officially flipping the switch on a brand-new data center in one of Asia’s biggest financial hubs. The cavernous facility engulfs over 90,000 square feet of bare metal infrastructure to power the enterprise cloud.

Speaking of power, Digital Realty Trust’s new facility in Osaka, Japan, provides an impressive 7.6 megawatts of power in its current footprint. As eye-opening as that figure may be, the company plans to expand its fledgling campus into a 27 MW powerhouse by absorbing an adjacent lot.

Regional Demand

Digital Realty Trust joins a growing consortium of cloud players in Osaka, including Microsoft, who have had a presence in the area since 2014. The company clearly did its homework on the area, as it had no issue finding a tenant for its new facility. According a separate Data Center Knowledge report, a major hyperscale cloud provider pre-leased every square foot before the lights were even turned on.

Interest in cloud facility locations in Japan has heated up so much that Digital Realty Trust has already leased out its planned expansion to a second customer. Data Center Knowledge notes that market research identifies “strict data sovereignty laws” as one of the compelling reasons for data center growth in the region.

With all this talk of cloud growth and expansion, it’s sometimes easy to forget about the physical data centers behind the curtain. News of new physical facilities remind us data centers aren’t dying — rather, they’re taking on a subtler, more abstracted role.

As enterprise continues to push its business processes onto cloud platforms, this data center transformation will no doubt drive innovation in scalable architecture. In doing so, organizations could find themselves with greater access to faster, more reliable cloud platforms.

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