Comcast Business Now Provides Direct Connectivity to IBM Cloud

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Comcast Business now offers private network connectivity of up to 10 gigabits per second to IBM’s global cloud network for public, private or hybrid cloud deployments, including bare-metal server environments.

The IBM partnership will give enterprise customers more choices when connecting to the cloud, allowing their businesses to become more flexible.

“By working with IBM Cloud, Comcast Business gives enterprises more choices for connectivity so they can store data, optimize their workloads and execute mission-critical applications in the cloud, whether it be on-premise, off-premise or a combination of the two,” said Jeff Lewis, vice president of data services at Comcast Business, in an IBM press release.

“Through dedicated, reliable, secure access with multigigabit performance and low latency, organizations can connect to a cloud system that best fits their needs with the ability to easily scale up in the future as requirements change,” Lewis added.

But this deal comes at a time when enterprise customers are increasingly looking for hybrid cloud technology, according to an article in SDxCentral.

Private Connectivity Benefits

The Comcast Business and IBM deal brings enterprises other perks as well. Businesses may find an improvement in performance, security and availability when using a direct, dedicated connection — especially when compared to an open internet connection. The offer is also supported by a service-level agreement.

Furthermore, Comcast Business clients will have access to IBM’s growing global cloud network, which currently includes more than 50 data centers in 19 countries across six continents, according to the press release.

“Cloud platforms are fundamentally changing how the world’s data is processed, stored and delivered while delivering better agility for enterprises to help reduce costs, improve consumer experiences and create new revenue opportunities,” said Steve Canepa, IBM’s general manager for the global telecommunications, media and entertainment industry.

“Today’s announcement represents a continued collaboration with Comcast to deliver robust technologies that drive innovation — integrating the power of cloud across private cloud solutions, hybrid deployments and public cloud offerings,” Canepa offered.

The deal is poised to allow enterprises to better harness the power of the cloud and help them achieve growth.

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