Cisco and IBM Partner to Deliver Flexible Storage in the Cloud

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To help organizations manage storage across multiple environments, IBM and Cisco have jointly developed a VersaStack Solution for Cloud Object Storage. Businesses can use their existing Cisco hardware and deploy IBM Cloud Object Storage for hybrid cloud functionality as needed.

VersaStack is a converged infrastructure partnership designed for fast deployment of compute, network and storage services. According to an IBM press release, the cloud object storage solution utilizes Cisco servers and switches, including C220 rack servers, the UCS S3260 storage server and Nexus 9K switches, which can then be extended with IBM Cloud Object Storage.

The VersaStack partnership is one of many ways each company is taking advantage of a burgeoning demand for cloud infrastructure and services. According to Synergy Research Group, both Cisco and IBM rank as top players in this space.

The emerging dominance of public cloud has challenged the historical selling proposition that buying hardware and software from a single vendor lowers total cost of ownership and makes operations easier. Evolving technologies like software-defined networking and virtualized network functions are making it more practical for businesses to virtualize services, run them on commodity hardware from a variety of vendors and use open-source software to manage their environments. As companies evolve their business models to deal with a more disaggregated landscape, partnerships like VersaStack mean more options for both customers and Cisco’s value-added reseller network.

Simplifying Through Cloud Object Storage

Meanwhile, the cloud object storage solution is designed to increase flexibility, scale and security, particularly for unstructured data storage. For most businesses, investing in hardware to store unstructured data like archived or occasionally accessed documents, video and audio files doesn’t make good financial sense. Plus, it’s easier to execute data backup and disaster recovery when cloud object storage is available.

IBM Cloud Object Storage is designed to make it simple to transition and integrate workloads between on-premises, single-tenant and public cloud environments. To ensure adding scalability doesn’t require major investment, the VersaStack Solution for Cloud Object Storage creates an easy-to-use private or hybrid cloud model for organizations that already have existing Cisco hardware. IBM Cloud Object Storage is also structured to eliminate the lack of transparency with cloud by providing a dashboard that shows the status of both logical and physical system elements.

For both companies, partnership means new revenue streams and offerings for customers.

“At IBM, we want to make it easy for organizations to adapt their IT environments when business needs change,” Phil Buckellew, general manager for IBM Cloud Object Storage, stated in the press release. “Providing IBM Cloud Object Storage for Cisco hardware customers does just that — it allows them to use their existing investments to gain massive scalability for large volumes of data or changing business needs, with the option to extend into the IBM Cloud if and when it makes sense for them.”

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