An Enterprise Mobility Strategy Helps Businesses Stay Ahead

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With mobile technologies and trends moving faster than ever, an enterprise mobility strategy has become increasingly critical for businesses to operate effectively and stay competitive. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Clutch and Driving Mobile Innovation (DMI) reveals 89 percent of enterprises currently have a mobile strategy in place.

Mobility Survey Findings

The Clutch and DMI survey of 582 respondents finds that 67 percent of businesses consider cloud integration a top priority when implementing or formulating an enterprise mobility strategy. Another top effort is managed services, including mobile device management, mobile application management and managed mobility services.

“Companies that have made prior investments in managed mobility are starting to see the cost benefits of those investments,” DMI Chief Technology Officer Varun Dogra. “With a streamlined mobile environment, they are now able to reap greater benefits with lower investments, giving them the opportunity to focus on other priorities, such as cloud integration or IoT.”

However, despite these efforts, enterprises are continuing to struggle to find “a balance between access and security regarding their data,” according to the research. Although mobility investments empower businesses to improve data access — a top-ranked benefit in the survey — data security remains a challenge.

Furthermore, enterprises are beginning to switch gears and focus on mobilizing company data as a strategic objective.

“We have seen the way mobility has grown in the enterprise — initially, it was about device security and accessing emails. Now, enterprise mobility is more about applications and data,” said Dogra. “Enterprises are moving toward providing secure access to enterprise data. They are looking for ways to improve the productivity of their workforce by ensuring their employees have secure access to accurate and timely information while they are on the move. It’s mobile first, cloud first everywhere.”

Enterprise Mobility Outlook

The Clutch and DMI survey found 69 percent of respondents anticipate mobility to increase over the next year, which may make an effective mobility strategy more imperative now than ever before.

This new research suggests businesses should expect to gain certain benefits from investing in enterprise mobility. However, it’s also important to note that as mobility investments increase over the next year, security challenges will likely multiply, too. Therefore, careful consideration of security measures and practices remains necessary when devising and implementing an enterprise mobility strategy to mitigate risks and protect the business.

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