A Digital Workspace May Pay Off Big for Businesses

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A recent study conducted by VMware, a provider of cloud and virtualization software and services, suggests that many businesses can benefit by converting users’ desktops into individual digital workspaces. In fact, businesses that chose to carry out this effort saw up to a 200 percent return on investment.

Digital Workspace Benefits

The VMware study found businesses that adopt digital workspaces are poised to gain certain benefits, including increased employee productivity and effectiveness — particularly when digital workspaces are connected to mobile systems. In large part, this may be because the ability to connect to digital workspaces by using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices allows for enterprise agility and flexibility, which in turn fosters knowledge-sharing and leads to potential innovation, InformationWeek suggests.

Survey results indicate that investments in this technology may prove a wise choice. Connecting digital workspaces to mobile systems yielded a 200 percent return on investment within six months, according to the VMware’s survey of 1,200 decision-makers. At the very least, digitizing the workspace yields a 100 percent ROI, even when only stationary desk-side or desktop computers are involved.

Reduced Costs, Increased Security

Digital workspaces can also reduce certain business costs. The survey found that 41 percent of IT and business decision-makers who implemented digital workspaces saw lessened end-user management costs year over year, compared to 30 percent of those who didn’t digitize workspaces. Meanwhile, 53 percent saw improvements in the operational effectiveness of their mobile workforce by making use of digital workspaces.

Security may also be a driving force for businesses to adopt the trend. The technology allows organizations to implement a single sign-on that lets end users access the resources they need from anywhere, 24 hours a day. In fact, 45 of survey respondents said they expected digital workspaces to reduce security risks through identity management tools that grant users secure access to data and applications on their mobile devices.

Digitizing workspaces may even have a direct tie-in to success in the marketplace: 48 percent of VMware respondents said the effort helped them create and more quickly deliver new revenue streams. Implementing virtual desktop infrastructure and other digital workspace technology might just provide the operational efficiency that businesses need in order to gain an edge over their competitors.

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