Transforming Business Resiliency for a Hybrid Cloud World

In order to obtain greater business agility and support the latest technology innovations, many organizations are moving their IT infrastructure to hybrid cloud environments. But, traditional disaster recovery approaches no longer apply in complex, dispersed hybrid organizations. How do enterprises create resiliency strategies that manage complexity, handle interdependencies seamlessly, and still meet their demanding uptime objectives in an always-on world?

Listen to Forbes’ Chief Insights Officer, Bruce Rogers, Mijee Walker, Global Strategy Leader, IBM Resiliency Services and Daniel Witteveen, Vice President, Global  Portfolio Offerings, IBM Resiliency Services, as they discuss the fundamental changes that hybrid cloud demands for business resiliency, including:

  • Why traditional resiliency approaches will no longer work
  • The paradigm shift required to protect end-to-end processes
  • Making it real: Resiliency-as-a-Service to meet each enterprise’s unique needs




Mijee Walker

Global Strategy Leader

IBM Resiliency Services

Daniel Witteveen

Vice President, Portfolio Offerings

IBM Resiliency Services

Bruce Rogers

Chief Insights Officer

Forbes Insights