The world is always on

The world is always on: Balancing investments in business resiliency, risk and regulations with consumer choice and convenience

Cyber threats. Compliance. Ease of use. These are among the growing challenges to resiliency for all organizations, and they are often at odds with another. Clients and their customers are driving a need for ease of use, customization and empowerment, which can result in a more complex, at-risk infrastructure. How can organizations manage risk and compliance – maintaining expected transparency, accountability and interconnectedness within this complexity?

In this webinar:

  • Learn key strategies you can use today to manage resiliency across all levels of the enterprise to protect your business in the age of digitization and IT modernization.
  • Join our discussion on the impacts of increased regulatory supervision and the effects of standards, using industry examples.




Karin Beaty

Global Offering Leader, Industry Solutions

IBM Resiliency Services