Is your business prepared when a disaster strikes?

How quickly can your business respond when disaster strikes?

A natural disaster is imminent. Extreme weather events now represent the second most likely risk factor facing businesses. Is your team prepared?

A data breach is suspected. Are you equipped to assess the damage, communicate the breach and restore data?

A data center just failed. Can you activate the appropriate teams?

With the uncertainty of disruptions and increased frequency of weather incidents, complex business and technology environments must be able to communicate accurate, timely, targeted messages – at the right time to the right people. Leading organizations need a solution that provides automatic  recognition and notification of events and disruptions, removing the reliance on staff and ensuring planned  incident management, timely  response and reporting.

Learn how IBM’s Resiliency Communications as a Service can help you keep your business running during a major disruption with cloud-enabled incident management.


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Adil Khan

IBM Resiliency Offering Portfolio Leader

IBM Global Technology Services