Cyber-resiliency in the hybrid era

Cyber-resiliency in the hybrid era: best practices, benefits and tools for success

Cost reduction, increases in productivity, profitability requirements and regulatory pressures are creating a growing demand for organizations to extend their operations from a secure, controlled domain into an unpredictable ecosystem. This expansion into hybrid environments exposes businesses to unforeseen risks and requires a more formidable capability be in place. A strong cyber resiliency framework that includes a combination of security, business continuity and a resilient control system can help to mitigate disruptions of critical business functions and enable confidence across the entire enterprise in the event of a cyber breach.

In this webinar:

  • Evolving industry practices for enhanced cyber-resiliency.
  • Benefits to be realized beyond mitigation of threats and risk reduction.
  • Technological advancements that support successful cyber resiliency.




Joe Starzyk

Senior Business Development Executive

IBM Resiliency Services