Satya Sharma

IBM Fellow and Cognitive Systems CTO

Satya Sharma is an IBM Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Cognitive Systems. In this role, he drives Power Systems Strategic Priorities and Roadmap to deliver client value and differentiate Power systems in the marketplace. He also drives the Power Stack technical roadmap by collaborating with ISVs.

Satya collaborates with clients extensively at the CIO/CTO level, at an architect level, and in a structured fashion as a Chairperson of Technical Collaboration Council (TCC) - a customer body designed for collaboration with clients to develop the Power Systems community and to provide extensive product feedback to IBM.

Satya has been associated with Power Systems Development since 1993 in different roles. Satya has been instrumental in driving Power Systems innovation in key technology areas:
- Cognitive / AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning Infrastructure
- POWER8 / POWER9 Systems
- SAP HANA on Power
- Power expansion into Linux on Power
- Open stack based Power Cloud and Virtualization Management
- Scale-out and Scale-up systems
- Virtualization: PowerVM and KVM on Power

For Satya's 25+ years of contributions to the IBM Company, he was appointed as one of only 278 IBM Fellows (in IBM's history), 98 of which are currently active employees within IBM's global technical community of more than 200,000 people.