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Life Cycle Optimizer

IT costs change depending on the equipment’s life cycle. But what if you could extend the life of your existing equipment? Even small strategic changes can add up to potential long-term savings. Use this tool to see how hardware refresh tweaks can impact your bottom line.

IBM Integrated Multivendor Support (IMS) can collaborate with you across your entire technology portfolio to help make your IT maintenance decisions easier.

My data center has equipment that we refresh every


IBM Life Cycle Results

* This is a simple example of how life cycle optimization works. An IBM TSS expert can use the full tool to calculate a potential optimal return on investment.

Equipment Life Cycle Analysis

At up to 3 years, your equipment is in the first stage of the life cycle. As you roll off your OEM warranty, a service contract with IBM Technical Support Services can generate up to 57% savings* of capital costs over time. Schedule a consultation to get a personalized analysis.

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