Manage your Cisco network efficiently with intelligent support

By: Biliana Bojilova

Many organizations depend on Cisco’s collaboration, networking, security and software products, but are challenged with maintaining optimal network stability due to technical and operational tasks.

You’re not alone if you could benefit from a complete view of Cisco network devices to proactively identify network exposures caused by security threats, product defects or devices with expired support coverage.

Accurate visibility into your network inventory and relevant support coverage status doesn’t have to be a guessing game — managed Cisco network support services help companies optimize contract complexity, plan product refreshes in advance and maximize availability by proactively identifying problems before they occur.

The alternative to an automated inventory management system, a manual contract management process, is time-consuming, expensive, likely to generate inaccuracies, and leads to inefficiencies. For example, a team might discover key devices that need urgent service and aren’t covered by a maintenance contract. The end result: longer downtime.

IBM at Cisco Live

  • Visit us at Cisco Live June 9 – 13, 2019 at Booth #2905 to discuss your Cisco network support needs.
  • Join our Booth Theater Session on June 11 at 11:30 AM to learn more about differentiated services on Cisco products.

Watch the video to learn more about how intelligent support can help you manage your network efficiently.

About The Author

Biliana Bojilova

Manager Business line, Technology Support Services, IBM Services

Biliana is a member of the IBM Global Alliance team in support of the networking platform and leads Intelligent Networking Support (INS) for Cisco products. Her global impact is achieved through innovation, mission accomplishment by fostering a positive work environment, and through mentoring and developing team members.