How to choose an IT support provider for cloud transformation

By: Juhi McClelland

Most enterprises migrate to the cloud in phases. There’s a need for multicloud and hybrid IT support for data centers, public and private cloud, and software environments. Investing in a hybrid multicloud strategy requires reassessing support needs.

The platform-as-a-service market is crowded with more than 360 vendors, offering more than 550 cloud platform services, according to 2019 trends identified by Gartner.

Managing multiple vendors and cloud service providers while maintaining workload availability can be overwhelming and put a strain on resources. An end-to-end support provider with a diverse set of technology capabilities, software knowledge and predictive operational management is ideal.

How do you select an IT support provider that helps you achieve cloud transformation and keep the lights on? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you narrow down your selection:

  • Flexible support plan: Look for a provider that helps you design a cost-effective solution customized to your specific cloud migration needs, including technologies and workloads you plan to move later.
  • Software-defined and open source software knowledge: Along with skills to support platforms from VMWare to OpenShift, seek a provider that can manage complex open source software stacks (commercial and community open source), from interoperability issues to IT infrastructure availability.
  • Predictive maintenance innovation: Automating enterprise support and maintaining an always-on environment is critical for operational efficiency. Predictive maintenance support helps IT identify and prevent hardware failures and helps predictive analytics use data insights to predict trends and behavior.
  • Deep technical skills: To ensure workload availability, make sure you have access to highly trained technical specialists that can provide you with end-to-end support.

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