Asset discovery quiz for data center managers

By: Militza Bishop | Co-written by: Kent Eastley

First: Name all the electric devices in your home, even rechargeable speakers, toothbrushes and digital clocks.

Lightning round: Name the warranty or support agreement for each device.

Now consider the daunting task of identifying thousands of data center devices and warranty and support status for each of them. Then add determining device code levels and assessing if they’re appropriate.

Here’s how to ace this quiz and preempt data center problems: use an automated asset discovery tool to build a library of all your devices and help improve discovery accuracy and speed — we’re talking hours instead of months of manual effort.

Asset discovery can be handled in iterations, like how you might check devices in your home: by room, type or use. For example, start with storage, then move to network equipment.

Asset discovery bonus point: Analytics

Once you know your inventory, take it a step further by using tool analytics to generate a consolidated view of support coverage. This is useful for addressing service gaps that can lead to support renewal fees, as well as identifying costly coverage inefficiencies.

Do you really want to find out at 2 AM that a failed device isn’t covered? Or be vulnerable to a cyberattack?

It’s a burden to keep track of every device in your data center as well as maintain a complex support structure. You might even be paying more versus consolidating coverage under a single provider.

Check code levels, firmware and OS

An asset discovery system identifies device code levels, and automated analytics reports are designed to reveal code and firmware-level issues before they cause security vulnerabilities, inefficiencies and interoperability issues that are expensive to remedy. Also, you can check to see that you have the latest version of firmware and OS and IT equipment coverage. Knowing the right code levels and ensuring your devices are up-to-date helps you make informed decisions and could save you a service call.

Now that you know how to pass the the asset discovery quiz, estimate your savings with managed IT support services.

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