Pioneers of Possible: Follow the data with Charlotte Wang

By: Rebecca Hardy

In this episode of the Pioneers of Possible podcast series, IBM Services Chief Technology Officer and Distinguished Engineer Charlotte Wang sat down with Michael Fasciano at the IBM Think conference to share the experiences that led her to a career in automation solutions and hybrid cloud architecture systems integration.

Q: What defining experience led you to pursue a path in technology?

A: When I was very young, following my family heritage, I wanted to go to sea and be in the Navy. I realized that I really liked technology, machinery and operations. For me, the defining moment was realizing that I did have a fit, a place that I could go practice and learn more about engineering and technology. Through that start in the Navy, with some terrific mentors who brought me through my reserve career, I realized that there was no reason I couldn’t do this in my professional life.

Q: I understand you had quite the tenure in the Canadian Navy, which led you to be its first female technology leader?

A: Yes, I was the first female Chief Engineer in the mine-sweeping class of vessels. It didn’t feel like a huge event for me — I was plodding along, doing my work and going through matriculation — but at the end of the day, it was a really satisfying achievement.

Q: Would you say being a female technology executive gives you a unique perspective on the technology industry?

A: It does. In the context of being inclusive (not that my male counterparts aren’t inclusive), my natural instinct is to collaborate. I want to seek advice and counsel from others, and I always take great pleasure in teaming for success and making sure I’ve got the right folks engaged. I’m constantly pursuing who else we can bring in, to either elevate their experience or do more in terms of integrating and delivering for our customers.

Listen to Charlotte’s full story here.

Charlotte Wang is the Chief Technology Officer for IBM Services in Canada and an IBM Distinguished Engineer. She specializes in designing complex automation and cloud architecture solutions, and integrating infrastructure elements. Outside of work, Charlotte is passionate about inspiring young women to pursue interests in STEM subjects.

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Pioneers of Possible is an IBM original podcast series dedicated to learning more about technologists, innovators and business leaders. Each episode highlights how leaders pioneer new tech solutions in their respective fields. Meet more pioneers here.

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