Multiple cloud strategy pays off for early adopters

By: Erin Poole

Investing in a multiple cloud strategy yields positive results for many companies surveyed in a recent IDG Research survey. More than half of organizations with integrated solutions in place experience greater benefits compared to those in planning stages.

Report reveals No. 1 multiple cloud benefit

Respondents say better IT and line-of-business alignment is the top benefit realized by migrating to multiple cloud environments, followed closely by improved agility. These benefits even outpace cost savings, though it’s certainly an important goal. Those with multiple cloud solutions report reduced IT costs by an average of 11%.

Another interesting discovery? The top benefit — better managed IT and line-of-business alignment — is also participants’ top motivator for moving to multicloud.

Deployment challenges

While 59% of organizations surveyed have adopted multiple cloud solutions, they also face the complexities of deploying and managing workloads, particularly in the build and provision phase.

Managed service providers understand these challenges and can help you simplify your journey to multicloud, from planning to orchestration to monitoring for the best results.

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