Journey with cloud at Think 2019

By: Lisa Kay Davis

The journey with cloud can be a complex one. Reducing operating costs, creating a user experience, multi-vendor management and seamless customer service are just a few of the considerations when it comes to digital transformation and the cloud.

A recent IDC white paper found that 59 percent of senior IT professionals surveyed are using multiple cloud providers and 31 percent plan to adopt a similar strategy within two years. That is a considerable investment.

Fortunately, we have the expert guidance to not only accelerate your cloud journey, but to successfully manage your entire cloud estate and traditional IT. With over 40,000 IBM cloud consultants and experts worldwide across 47 global cloud centers and more than 35 years experience within this industry space, we are able to address the most complex cloud migrations.

Join us at the 2019 IBM Think conference, February 12-15 to hear from leading cloud experts and technologists about current trends, industry predictions and more. Discover what’s next for the journey with cloud.

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Title Session Details
Bringing together Cloud Consumption, DevOps, Governance and ITSM with IBM & ServiceNow

(Session ID: 4406)
Tue, Feb 12 | 11:30-12:10 am
AMC Metreon – Screen 6 (56)
Sam Spink, ServiceNow
John Kundtz, ServiceNow
Rex White, ServiceNow
Practical AI for Business Management and Governance of multicloud

(Session ID: 5527)
Tue, Feb 12 | 12:30-1:10 pm
InterContinental – Ballroom C (220)
Ranjit Nayak, IBM
Phil Saucier, IBM
Journey to Intelligent Management of Hybrid Cloud

(Session ID: 2073)
Wed, Feb 13 | 2:30-3:10 pm
InterContinental – Ballroom C (220)
Arun Hampapur, IBM
Himanshu Desai, IBM
How to Run Enterprise Mission-Critical Workloads on VMware on IBM Cloud

(Session ID: 4776)
Wed, Feb 13 | 12:30-1:10 pm
InterContintental Ballroom B (145)
James Olson, IBM
Jack Cherkas, IBM
The New Normal, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) for Managed Services

(Session ID: 4965)
Thurs, Feb 14 | 4:30-5:10 pm
InterContintental Ballroom B (145)
Gene Brown, IBM
Cloud Migration – Accelerating Your Journey to the Cloud

(Session ID: 2762)
Thurs, Feb 14 | 12:30-1:10 pm
InterContintental Ballroom B (145)
Arvind Viswanathan, IBMBalakrishnan Sreenivasan, IBM

For the full list of Think 2019 Cloud sessions, please visit here.


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