Digital Workplace Services hits the ground at IBM Think 2019

By: Herb Hernandez

The development of a digital workplace strategy can be a tall order for organizations looking to embrace new technologies without sacrificing productivity and employee satisfaction. A serious shift has taken place in the enterprise space and employees are calling for rapid change.

No longer is the “one size fits” acceptable, workers expect a personalized experience in the workplace as well as accelerators like WaaS (workplace-as-a-service) and cognitive applications like Watson. In fact, IBM’s Digital Workplace Services now has more than 7.7M + mobile devices under management and supports 2.3M employee end-users.

With this massive change comes even more opportunity. The IBM Think conference, February 12-15, 2019 is the foremost gathering of IBM Digital Workplace Services experts, technologists and leaders within this industry space. Join us and discover what’s next for workplace transformation.

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Here’s where you can find us:

Reinvent how you do work with the Modern Digital Workplaces (Session ID: 5373)

Monique Ouellette, Vice President

Tue, Feb 12 / 11:30-12:10am

InterContinental Ballroom B (145)

Lifecycle managed services for IoT devices (Session ID: 5001)

Rahul Pathak, Offering Manager

Tue, Feb 12 / 12:30-1:10pm

InterContinental Grand Ballroom C (200)

Do you really need a desktop? Three trends driving change in the modern digital workplace. (Session ID: 7197)

Henry Cipriano, Senior Global Alliance Executive for VMware

Wed, Feb 13 / 9:30-10:10am.

InterContinental Grand Ballroom C (200)

Turnkey Mobile Device Management for Midsize Businesses with IBM Digital Workplace as a Service (Session ID: 5131)

Harieram Shashidhar, Offering Manager

Wed, Feb 13 / 12:30-1:10pm

InterContinental Sutter (80)

Personalized End User Experience with IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson (Session ID: 6641)

Amit Rai and Vishal Joshi, Offering Manager

Wed, Feb 13 / 3:30-4:10pm

InterContinental Grand Ballroom C (200)

IBM and MS365 for the Digital Culture (Session ID: 5330)

Darren McGrath, 
Global Microsoft Alliance Manager

Thur, Feb 14 / 10:30-11:10am

InterContinental Ballroom B (145)

A new standard for managing device costs: IBM Device Health with Watson

(Session ID: 5307)

Gene Morita, Offering Manager

Thu, Feb 14 / 2:30-3:10pm

InterContinental Ballroom B (145)




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