Client spotlight: Iptor migrates 70% of customers to the cloud

By: Rebecca Hardy

To global enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain provider Iptor, speed and data are vital. Any delay in managing inventory or operations can mean risk and disruption for their customer base. Iptor knew that cloud solutions — and a fast track to help customers get to the cloud — had to become a key part of their overall strategy.

A strategic partnership

Iptor needed a strategic partner that could provide the required infrastructure in a global cloud model, which led them to IBM. Using IBM managed cloud infrastructure and managed services offerings, Iptor is working to migrate 70% of their customers to the cloud — up from their current rate of 17%.

Iptor’s partnership with IBM also opens up possibilities beyond the initial cloud environment. Iptor now provides its ERP product suite on the IBM i platform and is exploring further opportunities to help customers minimize risk, like using Watson insights to examine suspicious orders in customers’ supply chain processes.

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