When malware strikes, will you be prepared?

By: Andrea Sayles

An international hotel chain recently announced a major security breach that involved the theft of personal details from up to 500 million customers. The unauthorized access reportedly began in 2014 but wasn’t detected until this September. It’s alarming that the network compromise and malicious activities remained undetected for that many years.

Based on the reported nature of the breach, the hotel chain may incur up to four percent of its global revenue as a GDPR penalty alone. However, while a full assessment of the extent of the damage and overall business impact may take some time, the situation could have been worse. Had the intruders unleashed destructive malware across the hotel chain’s systems by way of the compromised network, there might have been far more devastating effects. What happened in 2017 to many companies, including a global shipping giant, a global pharmaceutical company and a multinational courier, due to the NotPetya attacks is still fresh in many memories.

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Advances in technology, migration to cloud, digital transformation and hyperconvergence are driving efficiency, improved customer experiences and better business outcomes. At the same time, they’re rapidly changing the risks landscape, creating unknown unknowns, which are vulnerabilities and threats that you may fail to predict or detect.

The breach at the international hotel chain is a wake-up call for everyone to reevaluate the effectiveness of traditional cybersecurity and disaster recovery programs. How prepared are you to protect your business, maintain availability and recover quickly in the event of attacks? In order to securely operate your business, your data protection and recovery technologies need to keep pace with the evolving risks landscape. Join us at Think 2019 to learn more about the technologies and practices you can adopt to mitigate cyber risks and the impact of disruptions.

Think is IBM’s flagship business and technology conference where you will get the opportunity to enhance your skills, access valuable content, learn about the latest technologies, get hands-on experience and expand your professional network into celebrated communities of technologists and thought leaders.

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At the Security & Resiliency campus, IBM’s cybersecurity and business continuity experts, industry analysts, business partners, and clients will share valuable insights and best practices through a number of general sessions, technical sessions and demos. You can learn about innovative technologies and practices that help you protect your business against emerging threats and recover from a breach in a controlled way. Explore how IBM’s data protection and disaster recovery capabilities can help you build cyber resilience across hybrid cloud and data center environments. It’s also a great opportunity to expand your professional network with IBM experts, business partners and clients.

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Be sure to register for Think, which is being held February 12-15, 2019 in San Francisco, CA. And if you’re interested in protecting your business from cyber attacks and data breaches, you won’t want to miss the following sessions:

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