What is the next generation cloud operating model?

By: Avinash Joshi

The journey to cloud can lead to significant obstacles for technology leaders looking to transform and modernize their businesses. In fact, Forrester reports that only 59% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy.  From the outset, leaders must make critical decisions that can affect workloads, workflows and even consumer experience.  Our teams have the expertise to not only identify key gaps, but facilitate necessary changes to launch successful, complex cloud strategies. “Solving for migrations to achieve a hybrid or multicloud architecture is one of most important initiatives for IBM Services — we’ve already completed more than 100,000 migrations” says Laurence Guihard-Joly, General Manager, Cloud Migration, IBM Services.

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One way to avoid roadblocks and accelerate that journey is to have a succinct plan that provides a clear view of not only what’s a head, but also the current landscape of where your organization is today.

In a recent webinar, “The IT leader’s guide to the next generation cloud operating modelwe cover the key components of a cloud operating model with the IT leader in mind.

Mohammed Farooq, General Manager IBM Cloud Brokerage Services joins Forrester’s Dave Bartoletti Vice President, Principal Analyst to explore current cloud trends and fundamental cloud value drivers- speed, agility and efficiency. Complex and at times, overwhelming cloud migration does not have to halt business or destroy your budget.

Learn more about:

  • Customizable environments
  • Infrastructure platforms
  • Private vs. public strategies
  • The state of hybrid and multicloud adoption

Continue the journey with the on-demand webinar and visit IBM Cloud Migration to talk to an expert.

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Avinash is the Vice President, Infrastructure Services for IBM Asia Pacific. He is responsible for driving IBM's mission across Hybrid Cloud, Digital Workplace, Resiliency, Networking and Security. In his earlier role as General Manager-GTS India/South Asia, Avinash not only lead the transformation underway within GTS, but also helped land the broader IBM transformation. Prior to... Read more

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  1. Dharmendra Soni says:

    Security and latency or App performance is always a challenge that concerns business owners to migrate to the cloud. No matter who is the provider. Also, nearest Cloud zone/DC to End Users data connectivity should be encrypted but this should not impact the app performance..here budget comes into the picture. We should have strong pre and post checks in place for any application migration to the cloud.

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