Sneak peek: IBM Technology Support Services at Think 2019

By: Sam Maatallah

In this digital age, cloud and AI are driving the way technology is designed, managed and delivered. Innovations in these areas have led to fundamental changes in how IT departments get support. As a result, traditional break/fix support models are no longer practical. To learn about your alternatives, join IBM Technology Support Services at Think 2019, the conference designed to show you everything IBM has to offer in innovation, strategy, industry insights and collaboration.

I recommend the following standout sessions, which will dig into key topics such as augmented reality, blockchain, cognitive and automation.

Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Cognitive and beyond: How IBM is innovating in Technical Support

Speakers: Juhi McClelland, General Manager, IBM Technology Support Services, North America; and Jens Rathgeber, Chief Technology Officer, IBM Multivendor Support Services

Session ID: 2219

How do you determine which technology to apply to get the best results? In this session, find out about the major elements and main success factors of modern IT support. Panel participants will share their knowledge and experience in supporting complex IT solutions with proactive and predictive support models. Learn more about IBM innovation in technology support.

Blockchain launches growth for Lenovo and IBM Services

Speakers: Laura Laltrello, VP and General Manager, Services, Lenovo; and Juli Trexler, Global Executive, and Director, Support as a Service, IBM Technology Support Services

Session ID: 6192

In the electronics industry, IBM Technology Support Services manages over six million services transactions per year across over 20 countries and processes over 10 million shipments. This requires “proof of service” to be directly linked to operational data in an open and transparent way. In this session, speakers will describe a way to use blockchain to rapidly onboard and expand products and capabilities. Watch this video to find out more about IBM Blockchain for technology support services.

Trends and Directions Keynote: Simplifying Support Services with Automation and Insights Innovation

Speakers: Kevin Wahlmeier, Information and Analytics Leader, IBM Technology Support Services; and Sergio Saad, General Manager, IBM Multivendor Support Services

Session ID: 6936

Nearly every day, a new requirement for technical support comes into the IT department. Without a modern approach and support structure in place, support services would fail to keep up with these technological evolutions. In this session, technology support leaders at IBM will discuss the emerging use of automation in the delivery of support services and how they are working to align solutions with ongoing hardware and software innovations.

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IBM Technology Support Services is excited to bring you the most current thinking on IT support management. Read the digital flyer to find out about featured sessions.

See you in San Francisco, February 12 – 15, 2019.

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