Keep unauthorized users out of your chimney this holiday season

By: Mijee Briana Walker

As Santa is making his list and checking it twice, it’s a good time for all of us to do a quick check of our business continuity and disaster recovery plans to make sure we are as ready as we can be for the unexpected.

Before you head out for the holidays, please consider the following few steps:

1. Update your contact lists

When is the last time you updated your contact list in your business continuity and disaster recovery plans? Now is a good time to update the contacts. Make sure all roles are current and that you have up-to-date contact information in case of an emergency.

2. Identify emergency backup plans for key leaders and SMEs who may be out of town or inaccessible during the holidays

Most business continuity and disaster recovery plans rely on key people to be available to make critical decisions about declaring a disaster, executing recovery and communicating with media, employees, customers and stakeholders. However, many of us take vacations that would limit our reachability if a disaster occurs. Make sure you have secondary contacts identified for key decision-making, communications, IT, enterprise applications management, business recovery and crisis management.

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3. Double check your backups and disaster recovery replication

It’s been a busy year. Now is a good time to double check and make sure all expected backups and replication jobs are completing as expected, with no unresolved errors or delays. If you have moved to IBM Resiliency Orchestration, you can check your dashboard to immediately confirm your replication status and disaster recovery readiness for Key business processes and enterprise applications.

While you’re at it: if you have any technology changes this year (this is most of us), check to make sure any new critical data and servers are protected under your backup and disaster recovery plans.

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4. Make sure you have an offsite copy of disaster recovery plans

Still using manual disaster recovery plans? This is a good time to ensure you have the most current copies of your disaster recovery plans in a secure, protected, offsite location. It could be in a paper format at an alternative worksite or on an approved cloud hosted outside your primary data center(s). Already moved to an orchestrated recovery solution? If you use IBM Resiliency Orchestration, your disaster recovery plan is already protected available offsite in the recovery server.

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Wishing you a safe and secure holiday season!

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