Hana Financial Group minimizes downtime with integrated multi-vendor support services

By: Michael Walker

Though single-vendor IT environments are all but disappearing, most companies are still figuring out how to deal with the challenges that come with using products from multiple vendors. Instead of the controlled environment that a single-vendor IT data center can provide, many CIOs have to deal with systems and capabilities outside their influence. With the inclusion of hybrid IT and mobile devices, data centers are becoming increasingly more complex environments. To minimize downtime, CIOs must change how they approach IT support management and consider working with a multi-vendor support services provider who will be accountable for the performance of all their systems.

Multi-vendor support in action

Hana Financial Group is an organization that has decided to embrace an IT support management model that can handle the complexities of modern computing systems. For the financial holding company, which offers a range of products and services, the first step to creating a more manageable IT support environment was consolidating the infrastructure and resources of 11 of its affiliates at a local IBM data center. The next step was engaging IBM Services – Technology Support to provide the following integrated multi-vendor support services:

  • Provide a single point of contact for the multi-vendor data center so that issues can be dealt with swiftly, which helps improve stability and minimize unplanned downtime.
  • Provide a single contract and combined invoices, including the consolidation of 100 bills into a single bill, which helps reduce overhead and simplify administration and equipment maintenance processes.
  • Stock frequently-needed replacement parts on site so they can be retrieved quickly, which helps reduce downtime by minimizing the time it takes for a product to be fixed.
  • Utilize a call management system to address system errors, which helps offer insight into problem handling and vendor management processes from the time an issue is reported until it is resolved.
  • Provide project management for service delivery, vendor management, and reporting, so that questions can be given timely responses, which helps to redefine governance, rescue and recovery operations with the Hana Financial Group staff.

In the end, Hana Financial Group was able to improve efficiency by consolidating its heterogeneous IT systems and data storage systems under more consistent processes.

Why get multi-vendor support services?

A multi-vendor support services provider can minimize downtime by streamlining problem determination, problem source identification, and resolution across your environment. Multi-vendor support services also help you to more effectively manage your equipment lifecycle, bring efficiency to budgeting and reduce IT complexity. When your IT staff spends less time and money on coordinating multiple support contracts, they will have more time and money on critical business needs and revenue-generating projects.

Learn more about the IBM solution featured in this story, and then find out how the IBM Technology Support Services solution can help you to manage third-party vendors more efficiently to minimize downtime in your IT environment.

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