A Network Services roadmap to Think 2019

By: Shashank Nair

If your organization is actively pursuing growth opportunities through innovation or reductions in cost and complexity, it is vital to have a network that is automated, intelligent and optimized for seamless operation within an increasingly virtualized and hybrid IT environment. 

Software-defined networking(SDN) services help you unleash your network from hardware constraints and increase network agility and security with a programmatic approach and the recent ISG report has recognized IBM as a market leader for this.

IBM’s Think 2019 conference in San Francisco provides the penultimate opportunity to learn about emerging technologies, get one-on-one advice from experts, enjoy world-class entertainment and networking, and hear all about the successes and challenges faced by global business leaders and industry disruptors.

When there’s this much going on, it can be overwhelming to build your agenda. If Network Services are your focus, these are the sessions you don’t want to miss.

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Theatre session

Client CIOs join IBM Network Services General Manager Archana Vemulapalli for a panel discussion about Software-defined Networking (SDN) Transformation in a Multi-Cloud Environment (session ID: 6225)

Core curriculum sessions

IBM Network Services COC Leader Aleksas Vitenas, narrates various client stories about Network As a Programmable Service
(session ID: 6227)

IBM Network Services COC Leader Aleksas Vitenas discusses the process and importance of Transforming Global Networks for Hybrid Cloud
(session ID: 6228)

IBM Hybrid Cloud Network Architect, William Chalk introduces the Always-On Hybrid Cloud Platforms for Networks
(session number: 6229)

Program Director, Global Network Strategy & Portfolio, Anil Sharma and Global Offering Manager – Network Consulting and Always-ON consulting, Shobit Joshi, will deliver a joint session on Software-Defined Networks (SDN) for Internet of Things (IoT)
(session ID: 6230)

Breakout sessions

Chetan Sharan explores how to build a reliable, flexible and security-rich WAN over the Internet with SD-WAN Managed Services
(session ID: 4256)

Thomas Narten and Aram Avetisyan delve into Software-Defined, Multi-Site Active/Active VMware NSX Network Architecture
(session ID: 4876)

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See you in San Francisco, February 12 – 15, 2019.

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Social Strategist; IBM Global Technology Services