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By: Jeanetta Clement

It’s cloud go time! Companies are often unsure about where to begin their journey to digital transformation with cloud. It doesn’t happen by waiting for someone else to come along and transform your company. Forrester Research created this “Cloud Go Time” checklist to help you understand how to take the first step.

  1. Look at entire software portfolio and prioritize apps within these three categories to move to cloud
    • Bucket 1: Prioritize applications that demand transformation today – most likely client facing web and mobile applications that affect customer experience
    • Bucket 2: Once we get budget – we need to prioritize applications here. Apps that collect customer data that isn’t being used immediately.
    • Bucket 3: Tightly connected and difficult to move out of the data center and might not be the best to start with, but down the road.
  2. Once you have identified applications that fall within the first bucket, create app-by-app modernization plan.
    • What do we want to improve after our transformation? Set a North Star / Goal for each application.
    • What is expected to improve? Customer experience? Performance? Infrastructure efficiency? Begin with systems of engagement that directly impact customer experience.
  3. Select optimal mix of both on-prem and hosted public cloud platforms. Identify the important application constraints and work backwards from there. How can you reduce the amount of change required to the existing portions of the app while gaining some cloud benefits? Options:
    • Move to new hosted public cloud platform
    • Move consumption to OpEx model
    • Gaining elasticity without repurchasing capacity
  4. Pursue relentless automation everywhere in project planning – use DevOps as guiding light
    • Companies aren’t as automated as they think they are – Find automation roadblocks in your processes
    • Reward people in your company who automate over those who continue to just administer systems
  5. Close skills gap in cloud management with trusted advisors and managed services providers
    • Companies don’t have to go this alone!
    • How you move an app will have a big impact on how you will manage it once you move it
    • Look for cloud platforms that not only give you a place to host your cloud apps, but have tools and management support to develop and test software faster, manage infrastructure more efficiently in the long term
  6. IBM offers advisory, platform, automation tools and skills.

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