IBM Services helps Whirlpool and Kyocera rapidly drive Cloud adoption across multiple cloud environments

By: Mark Slaga

Groundbreaking advancements in technology are propelling manufacturing into a new age of automation and the continued evolution of these technologies will shape manufacturing’s long-term future.

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Whirlpool has tapped IBM Services to manage the appliance giant’s global operations on the IBM Cloud with continuous security for applications. As Whirlpool continues to innovate across its smart appliance portfolio to fulfill real human needs, the amount of data stored in the cloud continues to grow exponentially. Additionally, Kyocera Document Solutions America has engaged IBM for a five-year cloud services agreement to manage all of its mission-critical applications.

Clients like Whirlpool and Kyocera are moving their computing and storage systems to a cloud model for greater agility, higher performance and lower costs. But without comprehensive cloud management, enterprises are susceptible to security threats, data loss and costly downtime, whether clients have multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environments.

With over 70 manufacturing and technology research centers globally, addressing Whirlpool’s need for worldwide access and efficiencies across growing amounts of data is essential to achieving business goals and customer satisfaction.

In providing a trusted cloud-based solution for Whirlpool, IBM is the first to offer cloud support for massive workloads (up to 24 TB) in an integrated approach of hardware, software and services.

While most companies are in the very early stages (only 10-20%) of their cloud journey, IBM remains committed to helping them bridge the next 80%, including migrating critical business workloads to create new business value and enter new business markets. Although cloud adoption is growing, so are the number of clouds that businesses are using to drive these results as most companies today average six cloud deployments and 1,000 apps.

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