How to reduce your cloud costs

By: Jeanetta Clement

Forrester reports that 59% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy today.1 The question is no longer “Why should you use cloud,” it’s “How will you manage a growing cloud services portfolio efficiently?” 

Cloud Procurement moves quick, so plan accordingly 

In today’s highly competitive business environment, developers and line of business leaders need speedy, reliable access to a variety of cloud computing platforms. If IT is unable to provide these capabilities, employees will buy them off the shelf, which can start to feel like a “free for all.” As a result of this behavior, IT leadership is stuck with multiple cloud environments and skyrocketing cloud costs. This not only puts a strain on your budget, but also affects your ability to effectively oversee and optimize IT for your business. How can you capitalize on the benefits of a hybrid infrastructure while battling growing governance and budget concerns?

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Increase visibility and governance to optimize your cloud investments  

Cloud brokerage solutions can help you gain visibility into your total cloud investment by enabling IT departments to become internal brokers of IT services for lines of business. They provide an IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) model for cloud and traditional IT resources by increasing transparency and governance capabilities needed to safeguard data, applications and overall IT operations while better managing costs.  Cloud brokerage solutions help facilitate hybrid IT orchestration, cost management and departmental chargeback by tracking departmental cloud consumption, cloud utilization rates, performance and cost.  Having a single lens and performance standard through which to view a growing collection of cloud solutions can enable more productive conversations with groups of stakeholders.   

TBR’s 1H17 Cloud Customer Research Program found that two-thirds of the enterprise cloud adopters surveyed are already deploying one or more automated cloud metering tools.2 Such applications, like IBM Cloud Brokerage Services Cost and Asset Management, give hybrid cloud users ongoing visibility and actionable insights into optimizing their cloud investments. With the power of predictive analytics, Cost and Asset Management provides a visual forecast and projections of estimated cost trends relative to approved budgets.

These are the kinds of insights that enable proactive business decisions. It’s the difference between strategic leadership and a shot in the dark investments. 

To learn more about how IBM Cloud Brokerage Services Cost and Asset Management can help you regain control of your cloud spend, check out this short animated video.  

1 Forrester’s Global Business Technographics® Infrastructure Survey, 2016.  

2 Technology Business Research Cloud Business Quarterly Cloud Professional Services Customer Research, 2017.

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