Harness the power of data to improve patient care

By: Hemang Dave

Data is the new natural resource. The importance of data everywhere, including hospitals. Data explosion has grown to unprecedented levels in last decade. Data is scattered across hospitals in both structured and unstructured formats. It is important to have a holistic data science framework and methodology in order to gain insights from data.

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Healthcare industry loses over $80B yearly due to fraud. That is just one of the examples of why data and subsequent analytics of data is so important in preventing fraud. Hospitals face various challenges when it comes to data. This is due to the nature of data – structured and unstructured. It is mainly the unstructured data. Examples of unstructured data includes medical images, Doctors notes as well as various device data. All these and many other data elements are very crucial in providing a quality care to patient at an efficient cost.

It is important for healthcare providers to approach data and analytics in a holistic way. For instance, analyzing hospital’s data, visualizing the data and insights via dashboards is key as it will be easier for hospitals to consume insights via visualization and then act on insights. It is also important for them to ensure that these dashboards are persona-based as different job roles require different insights and different associated actions. We are seeing many healthcare providers are struggling to implement these capabilities. They are struggling with technical know-how, integrations, technology implications and data security concerns.

To answer these, I would like to invite you for an opportunity, which is aimed to address your healthcare data, analytics and visualization needs. Listen to this complementary webinar to learn why healthcare data is important for improved patient care.

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