Bringing your network up to speed of an agile business environment through Software Defined Networking

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Listen to the webinar to find out how Software Defined Networking (SDN) can synchronize your Network with the application and business needs.

Enterprises are adopting hybrid cloud solutions to help them expand rapidly and in an agile fashion to meet the demands of their marketplace in a secure and cost-effective manner.

These hybrid cloud environments combine the best of traditional on-premises data center infrastructure with public and private cloud services.  SDN can assist us in building these environments.

Software Defined Environment is foundational to IT-as-a-service and hybrid cloud. Software Defined Environment also orchestrates and automates the core data center IT infrastructure of the server, storage and Network as one system to provide agility, flexibility, and integration to business and applications. SDN is a key building block within the Software Defined Environment.

By using SDN in your Network environment, your Network can perform at the same levels of agility as your compute and storage infrastructures and is no longer an agility bottleneck. With your Network optimized with the rest of the IT infrastructure, you can get on with business.

To learn more about how IBM Services can help you adopt and use Software Defined Networking technologies and enable your business to be more agile and secure, watch this webinar facilitated by Steve Currie, a Distinguished Engineer, TI&A Network Domain GTS Solutions, IBM.  Listen to the webinar.

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Steve Currie, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Global Technology Services, has more than 25 years of experience in IT consulting. Currently, he is leading the qualification and adoption of software defined networking (SDN) technologies with IBM clients as a member of the GTS Technology Innovation and Automation team. Over his career, he has delivered leading edge IT... Read more