Brazil’s Banco Inter transforms client experience with IBM Services

By: Eduardo Alex Marcinari

In an effort to lower costs and increase access for their unbanked populations, Latin American banks are reviewing their digital strategies. Mobile and Digital solutions are playing a growing role in part because it offers banks a way to provide customers access to their accounts without issuing a debit card, which for in the region, can be an expensive process. As they further develop their digital banking efforts in order to improve their products and services, restructure their cost base and attract new customers who may have never banked before, IBM offers solutions.

Banco Inter announced that it is working with IBM Services to migrate its workplace platform to Apple MacOS, to make its employee and customer service experience the best in Brazil.

Banco Inter is the first fully digital bank to offer a free checking account in the country, and has seen new client growth soar from 1,000 per day in 2017 to 3,200, in a year, which is evidence of the region’s changing culture shift from the traditional institutional methods and the embrace of the digital transformation.

Banco Inter has now taken a significant step towards pioneering this model by acquiring 1,000 Macs and collaborating with IBM Services who will help the financial institution in seamlessly and securely upgrading software, managing multiple devices, and integrating the current business applications into the Apple environment without any business disruption.

The solution is designed to increase productivity and improve employee experience, which then gives customers more agility and availability, essential qualities for digital banks to win in this digital era.

This year Banco Inter has been through the opening of their IPO and handled R$ 721 million in a primary offer of R$ 541 million. “We will use part of this resource to invest in technology and we see IBM as an essential partner to advance in our strategy of providing the best digital experience to our client”, says João Vitor Menin, President of Banco Inter. “Due to their partnership with Apple and great expertise, IBM is the only provider in Brazil that is able to implement and manage Apple MacOS devices in the corporate environment”.

“In the process of digital transformation, the work environment, like all other areas, is undergoing a profound shift. More collaborative tools with superior design and usability will be an immense competitive edge for corporations,” said Eduardo Marcinari, Executive of Digital Workplace Services at IBM. “With this project, we can help Banco Inter build and run a workplace platform that is secure, easier to implement and has a lower cost in technical support”.

As a global partner to Apple for the enterprise market, IBM has extensive experience in the distribution and management of Mac equipment internally. For its customers, it aggregates managed and financial services as part of the project.


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