Three steps to assessing value from automation – before deployment

By: Vicky Rose

IT departments everywhere are turning to automation to improve efficiency and reduce repetitive work, freeing up support teams to work on more valuable tasks. However, every IT environment is different and the automation toolset that provides benefits to one environment may not provide the same benefits in another. So, how do you decide what to deploy in your environment?

There is nearly always value to a large IT department when deploying incident resolution automation such as IBM Enterprise IT Automation Services. But if your IT department is not so big, it’s important to know that the investment you make in automation is going to provide the value you need. With that in mind, here are my top tips on how to figure out what kind of automation is right for your enterprise:

1.  Assess your IT department for any teams that are larger than expected

There are resources available to see if your IT department is an appropriate size for your industry, but it’s also interesting to consider if any teams are particularly heavy. For example, if your network team is twice as big as your server team but the number of devices is much smaller, that might be a good place to start considering automation.

2.  Take a deeper look at where your IT team is currently spending their time

Either within a few of your biggest teams or across the entire department, it’s often worthwhile to take a detailed look at the tasks that the teams perform to see where they are spending the biggest percentages of their time. For example, if your teams spend most of their time performing compliance checks or patching, these might be places to start looking for automation.

3. Consider your manual work pain points

Regardless of the amount of time spent on individual tasks, it can be difficult to produce consistent results (or avoid human errors) when your teams are doing a lot of manual work. While these types of tasks are excellent candidates for automation as well, they can be more difficult to assess because you need to consider the intangible value of accuracy and not just the improved efficiency that automation provides.

Once you’ve identified the areas where automation can add value to your business, you can begin to plan your automation. IBM can help you assess your organization and provides a number of automation capabilities as part of the IBM Services Platform with Watson.

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