Securing & maintaining your VMware workloads in the cloud

By: Billy Spears

IBM Cloud and VMware launched its strategic partnership two years ago. Enterprise’s and clients around the world have realized a plethora of benefits brought about by integrating their on-premises data center environments with IBM Cloud. Adopting continuous software and hardware advancements, expedient development and updates, and a more nimble environment cloud enables compared to widely-spaced, expensive, and extensive on-premises upgrade efforts. However, the road to progress and innovation can be cumbersome, especially when it comes to securing the myriad of data, applications, and systems. The cloud delivery service model now serves as the catalyst for how your business operates and performs. There are a multitude of nefarious threats the enterprise now has to continuously be vigilant and aware as a result of cloud computing decisions and investments. Data breaches, insecure interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs), system vulnerabilities, malicious insiders, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and shared technology vulnerabilities are six of the ‘dirty dozen’ of threats and challenges that are almost inherent as cloud utilization is growing rapidly driving the need for informed decisions about risk mitigation within a cloud strategy.

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Cloud adoption requires a structured approach to security

Security is a top priority, whether your cloud is on-premises, off-premises or a hybrid. The dynamic nature of cloud means you need a more automated, agile and elastic approaches than traditional security measures. Cloud security from IBM enables your business to innovate, improve defenses and improve risk by proving capabilities related to managing access, protecting data, and gaining visibility. Enabling governance and policy enforcement across users, privileges, clients, coupled with strong identity and access controls strengthen fraud prevention. Secure app development protect databases, volumes and shares, and prevent internal and external threats addressing concerns for data protection. Visibility of anomalies or threats are gained through monitoring activities, audit trails, and engaging real-time via intelligence and alerting and health checks. Wherever your enterprise is in its Cloud initiatives you’ll need to be constantly concerned about your security posture and position. Our security specialists assess cloud-based risks, identify gaps and create a baseline maturity model. We’re able to help identify specific security requirements and conduct cost-benefit analysis. We’re able to solution a security roadmap to assist in the prioritization of actions to secure existing cloud usage as well as provide a strategy framework to be proactive in delivering an automated strategy that helps optimize security for your cloud initiative. Our security services help enterprises comply with key regulatory compliances establish appropriate risk management strategies, no matter the cloud security service model, protect confidentially, integrity and availability of your resources and data workloads, and controls beyond on-premises environments with governance and assurance. Together, we can help you take control of your Cloud Security and build robust capabilities to secure your IaaS, (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), & SaaS ( Software as a Service) cloud delivery models.

Maintaining your VM workloads in the cloud

Technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain and IoT offer unprecedented opportunities for leading companies to put smart to work. IBM brings forward-thinking expertise to help deliver these powerful capabilities to VMware environments in the IBM Cloud. We have thousands of specialists to help you easily make the transition from on premises to cloud and position you to capitalize on the benefits of a hybrid cloud model whether it’s a simplified migration solution, to complex multi-cloud storage environments, to security solutions to protect your VMware workloads. Engaging with IBM Services means access to experts with years of experience with VMware products and managing infrastructure, delivered through innovative approaches. IBM brings strong capabilities in hybrid cloud and is applying automation and IBM Watson® AI technologies to help clients adopt, deploy or migrate to the cloud. If you’re ready schedule a one-on-one with an expert. No cost, no obligation, no sales pitch. A 30-minute conversation with a services expert to get the answers you need.

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