Managing your VMware workloads in the cloud

By: Eric Menaker

Whether it’s modernization, classification of data or building a new application, moving workloads to the cloud can be tough without the right knowledge and resources. The journey to cloud is filled with unknowns and requires complex collaboration across multiple areas. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and commercial clients desire a multi-cloud experience that aligns with their business goals and objectives without breaking the bank.

How does a midsize organization move its existing VMware workloads without a total overhaul of current systems and total business disruption? It’s all about partnership and expertise. In 2016, IBM entered into a strategic partnership with VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility. With this partnership, customers can innovate faster by rapidly developing, automatically delivering and more safely consuming any application. IBM has worked with the industry innovator for decades, building technology that would change how companies create within the cloud. IBM also has onboarded 1,000+ VMware Certified Professionals and business partners who lean on decades of experience managing complex workload migrations. In fact, IBM Services has completed more than 100,000 migrations, adapting and modifying offerings as we learn.

Our migration experts understand the changing needs of midsize, commercial clients and the necessary strategy and tools that lead to their cloud migration success. Here are three of the most common pain points we see affecting clients today:

Planning and strategy

Organizations are dynamic and have a unique set of technical needs. Our clients depend on IBM for the operation of multiple systems. For many, it is an agnostic journey requiring experts who can tackle the coordination of multiple services within one project. Taking into account, level of investment, workforce dependencies and business impact an organization must have an accurate assessment of existing VMware workloads, future goals and blind spots. We group applications and prioritize those workloads, cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Cost and migration management

On premise or within a multi-cloud environment, commercial clients seek professional, expert-level guidance and execution for their most critical workload migrations. It may be a one-time migration or a series of deployments, but the need for safe, reliable and secure cloud coverage is a must. A complicated migration across multiple servers calls for expert mapping and cost management. Clients seek to extend their investments and scale in order to remain competitive agile and in sync with market trends.

Feature services like Jumpstart, an on-demand IBM consulting service, ensures quick escalation and resolution of any cloud issues, onsite, regardless of the cloud service provider.

Security and maintenance

Maintaining security networking and protocols are central to any migration, especially when workloads are involved. Remaining compliant and aware of everchanging regulations are critical to migration success. The primary concern is: “Will my environment be secure?” With data breaches and customer information at risk, IBM cloud migration experts pull from experience within private and public networks, providing an extra layer of security and trust.

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