Hardware refresh challenges? Lifecycle maintenance can help

By: Denis Masic


Today’s data centers are more complex than ever, with thousands of components. Lifecycle maintenance in this environment is essential, but it’s also very challenging, as IT leaders work to balance performance and cost. There is the need to prolong the life of existing IT equipment as much as possible to minimize disruption and increase their return on investment. However, lifecycle maintenance of technical assets is required in order to ensure that security, availability and performance do not suffer. Understanding how to extend equipment life without exceeding performance thresholds requires a mixture of financial and technical know-how.

This is why lifecycle maintenance is an administrative headache for today’s companies. They have maintenance contracts with dozens of vendors, each with multiple pieces of equipment. In turn, each of these devices has its own maintenance and refresh cycle.

Achieve Hardware Clarity

IBM’s Lifecycle Maintenance Support simplifies the entire data center lifecycle management process. We draw on decades of experience in the hardware maintenance, procurement and financing business to provide customers with an end-to-end solution that brings several benefits to the table:

  • Inventory Check and Discovery. Few companies understand the full extent and status of their entire IT equipment and hardware portfolio. IBM provides a range of tools to discover and document its clients’ assets, providing a robust baseline for maintenance and refreshment planning.
  • Analytics Expertise. Our tools collect data from customer equipment, logging when and how it has failed over time. This enables us to analyze trends in equipment performance. We can then map this data against a client’s business needs to make insightful maintenance and replacement recommendations.
  • Specialist Knowledge. Our equipment specialists understand the operating parameters of outdated technology and understand how performance and reliability changes as it ages. This gives our clients an advantage when planning their equipment lifecycle.
  • Single Point of Contact. No need to work with multiple vendors — IBM is a one-stop shop for equipment lifecycle management, providing expert care for virtually all of your IT equipment, saving you time and money by offering a single go-to partner for hardware maintenance, financing and hardware orders.

These capabilities lead to a reduced administrative overhead, better equipment performance and, ultimately, cost savings.

One Vendor, Many Methods

When equipment finally reaches its end of life and there is no other option but to replace it, IBM’s expert service team can manage the next stage, too, simplifying maintenance by making equipment life extension and refresh part of one unified process.

Customers will find themselves facing several questions: How will they find the budget for the new equipment? What is the best financing option? Should they own or lease the hardware? How can they procure equipment while planning for an uncertain technology future? How can I do all this without disrupting my operation? IBM offers several options that enable customers to refresh their aging assetes while satisfying their own financial requirements:

  • Hardware Sale. This is an option for companies that simply want to replace existing inventory. IBM works with many OEM partners and can automate the process for customers while bringing its immense purchasing power to bear. This offers customers a pricing advantage and a single go-to partner for equipment refresh.
  • Financing. This enables customers to lease and eventually own their equipment with financing from IBM Global Financing. It can be useful for companies with an accounting requirement to keep equipment on the balance sheet. Companies that prefer to clear the balance sheet and treat hardware as an operational expense can take advantage of IBM’s service-based leasing. In this case, IBM Global Financing owns the asset.
  • As a Service. In this scenario, IBM purchases and owns the equipment, reselling it to the client along with additional maintenance services in a seamless, easy-to-manage sales and support agreement.

Armed with this end-to-end service offering, customers can procure, maintain, finance and refresh equipment from the beginning of its lifecycle to the end. They can do it all with a single trusted partner that has an extensive range of industry partnerships leading to unparalleled economies of scale.

For more information about how IBM can help you to optimize your equipment lifecycle, visit our Lifecycle Maintenance Support page.


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