Experience and vision: Meet Avinash Joshi

By: Avinash Joshi

In his 25+ years within the technology sector, Avinash Joshi has witnessed a number of trends take hold of the industry. As Vice President of Infrastructure Services, GTS IBM Asia Pacific, Joshi knows how to be agile within a space that is constantly evolving and changing shape. We asked him about his current role, what he sees as most critical within global technology services and what’s to come.

Q: You have a long history working within the tech space and more than 15 years with IBM. Tell us about your current role.

AJ [Avinash Joshi]:

Just last month, I took on a new role, Vice President, Infrastructure Services, Asia Pacific. What that means is that I am responsible for growing the Infrastructure Services business for IBM Asia Pacific. Before that, I led the Global Technology Services business for IBM India/South Asia. In my day-to-day I manage employee engagement, client satisfaction and signings growth which is foundation for revenue growth.

I love that I learned the business from the ground up. I joined IBM in 2003 as a client rep in Mumbai and eventually ran the telecom sector. From then until 2007, I made career strides within the comms sector. In 2015, I was tapped to handle the client relationship with Vodafone India which is the second largest mobile provider in the country. By 2016, I transitioned into the Global Technology Services world.

As GM of Global Technology Services for India/South Asia, in my day to day role, I managed P&L for a team of about 3,000 employees. We represent 55-66% of IBM India’s business. I ensure that we have that long-term focus and operational rigor.

I also serve on the board of directors of IBM India which keeps me connected to the many different teams within the geo.

Q: What trends do you see in the market? What are clients talking about?

AJ: Digital transformation. Everyone says that they are doing digital, but it all looks very different. It is a very broad scope and there is so much room to experiment and advance. There is no specific entry point. It is more like a journey.

How do you leverage the world of IoT? How do you start? It is vast.

The commercial dynamics of telecom is coming under pressure to perform. The per MB data rate in India is less than a cent. My plan is roughly $20/month for unlimited voice, text message and 75 GB of data that can be rolled over to the next month. So providers do feel the strain of that and must develop new ways to make the most economical choices for their business. What can be automated? What can be moved to the cloud?

Hybrid cloud. Well, if you are a startup this is an attractive option, right? That’s not all though. If you are a large enterprise, hybrid cloud is again best option. If your team is looking for security and expansive technology options, then you would consider the hybrid cloud.  If you are concerned with lower costs and a speedier deployment, then this is a way for you to check those boxes. You can update your apps and improve business operations real-time as you need them.

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Avinash Joshi

Vice President - Infrastructure Services, GTS IBM Asia Pacific

Avinash is the Vice President, Infrastructure Services for IBM Asia Pacific. He is responsible for driving IBM's mission across Hybrid Cloud, Digital Workplace, Resiliency, Networking and Security. In his earlier role as General Manager-GTS India/South Asia, Avinash not only lead the transformation underway within GTS, but also helped land the broader IBM transformation. Prior to... Read more