I’m a workplace technology expert and I’ll track these three trends at VMworld

By: Matthew Johnson

I’m attending VMworld this year as an IBMer, and I plan to spend time with customers at the IBM booth, talking about digital workplace services and solutions.

Three key trends that I’ll dive in to at the event:

The emergence of software-defined enterprises

VMware is one of the pioneers of the software-defined data center (SDDC), so it’s natural to anticipate that they would be making major announcements at VMworld of their next set of capabilities in the area.

In particular, and because I work in IBM Digital Workplace Services, what I would like to see is how the SDDC can be extended to where the end users execute the business capabilities. Let’s call it a “software-defined enterprise” (SDE).

For example, can software-defined networking capabilities such as micro-segmentation and distributed virtual firewalls be extended out of the data center and therefore allow enterprises to securely connect the end user devices into their corporate network and give each device just the access it needs, on a case by case basis?

Advances to improve user experience

VMware has in the last 12 months released a number of digital workplace capabilities, including the Workspace ONE product early in 2018.

Ensuring users have what they need to do their jobs in an enterprise is becoming a far more granular—personalized—experience, enabled in part by digital workplace technology. I look forward to seeing advances in this space. And if I get the opportunity to meet with the Workspace One product team, I’ll ask (1) where they are moving, and (2) more importantly, where have they had success delivering the superior personalized experience IBM envisions for customers.

The third-party eco-system

Every large vendor has an ecosystem of other vendors.

This could be translating the products over to specific industries, such as health care or travel and transportation. One such idea: adding or integrating capabilities into the base platform to provide extra capabilities—such as integrating ITSM / ITIL into the ecosystem.

Regardless, there’s always some very innovative and thoughtful third-party partners at these conferences. I like to see how they’re pushing into different areas, both within and adjacent to the capabilities that VMware brings to the market.

That’s my three!

If you’re going to VMworld, I hope to see you there. Register for IBM Services sessions today.

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