Driving future networks through SD-WAN adoption

By: Shashank Nair | Co-written by: Sherry Gera

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In today’s uge and times a self-driving network infrastructure holds the key to the future, where simplicity replaces complexity, new technology adoption paves the way for ease of management, efficiency & cost effectivity which opens doors for innovation.

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While some enterprises are still relying on traditional private networking to connect, say, their business locations to their data centers, there are clearly the early adopters who identify that with growing demand of business applications hosted in cloud data centers and accessed over Internet they need a solution to live up to this challenge- a Hybrid/Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN is the answer )

In a survey conducted recently, the early adopters had to overcome initial hitches to an SD approach to their wide area networking, 43% of SD-WAN adopters said lack of expertise was a major challenge while Over 50% of enterprises find the biggest hurdle to SD-WAN adoption is security.

While taking the initial journey was an uphill task, after successfully crossing the initial barriers, enterprises achieved some tangible results in improved performance and cost reduction while making their networks agile and secure. 65% of SD-WAN adopters saw more than a 10% reduction in cost & 40% of SD-WAN adopters have seen more than 10% performance improvement in their networks.

Overall with this network transformation 70% or more SD-WAN users were able to achieve cost reduction, improved network management and automation.

So what is a key aspect to this transformation, 60% of SD WAN users find Right Vendor, Partner selection is an important factor  to successful adoption.

The right vendor can bring in the experience and expertise to understand your needs.

We, at IBM understand that business model transformation needs networks to change in support of hybrid cloud and digital transformation. We are helping clients across the globe move from hardware-centric and device-specific networks to virtual and software defined networks.

Software-defined and cognitive platforms fostered through Client Innovation Centers at IBM are foundations to the IBM network transformation approach. IBM’s integrated technology platform provides greater visibility, transparency and control through integrated management and a Global Peering Network.

Here’s a sneak peek into the capabilities of the IBM SD-WAN solution

Learn more about the shift to a software-defined, network functions virtualization (NFV) with dynamic bandwidth.

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