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By: Dominik Bredel | Co-written by: Benedikt Ernst, Kai Rösler

Cyberattacks, which lead to corrupt or inaccessible data are the worst-case scenario for many organizations. A recent case study from CGI1 showed that a successful cyberattack can cause a stock price erosion of up to 15% compared to an average share price movement within in the same business sector. The average stock price reduction after a cyberattack within the study is about 1.8%.2 Therefore, one of the key initiatives on many CIOs’ agendas focuses on ensuring business and service continuity based on proven cyber resiliency strategies — including state of the art disaster recovery (DR) and backup solutions.

In this post, we’ll provide an overview on how IBM Resiliency Orchestration helps you detect corrupt files, as well as how to recover with the right backup in a secure environment — to help keep your business running and reduce reputation and financial damage.

        Schematic stock price erosion after a cyber-attack                            Source: 1 (CGI, The Cyber Value Connection (2018) Page 4)

By analyzing the impact cyberattacks can have on organizations in terms of reputation, stock price and relationships with clients and partners, it becomes clear that an integrated protection and recovery solution is a high priority for CIOs. A key element involves transforming traditional disaster recovery and backup systems into cyber resilient solutions. As we’ve learned from recent ransomware attacks, backup copies are targeted.3

At CEBIT 2018, IBM presented a new feature for IBM Resiliency Orchestration called Cyber Incident Recovery. IBM Resiliency Orchestration is a lifecycle intelligence solution to automate the whole disaster recovery process across different IT infrastructures and platforms up to the application level. This software-based approach allows you to integrate all manual DR steps into recovery workflows, monitor disaster recovery readiness and to test, execute and document the disaster recovery processes in an automated way.

With the new extension, Cyber Incident Recovery, IBM Resiliency Orchestration can detect files corrupted by a cyberattack as well as recover your critical data and configurations within minutes after a cyberattack. The main aspects of this new feature are:

Air Gapped Protection
An air-gapped network connection ensures that backup or replicated data are not accessible through the same network as production data.

Immutable Storage Components
Immutable storage systems like IBM Cloud Object Storage defend your data from changes by always writing a new backup version and applying the Write Once Read Many (WORM) policy.

Data Verification Procedures
A data validation engine within IBM Resiliency Orchestration ensures that data and configurations that are backed up are clean and usable based on predefined policies.

Backup Infrastructure Dashboard
The backup infrastructure dashboard enables you to track the current status of your backup environment and notifies you about forbidden changes to your master copy.

Enhancing the core capabilities of IBM Resiliency Orchestration (DR workflow integration, DR testing, DR execution, monitoring and reporting) with the new cyber incident recovery component, the DR solution can effectively protect critical data and configurations against cyberattacks, quickly identify clean and usable master copies, and rapidly recover the data based on automated and orchestrated procedures. Implementing this comprehensive cyber incident recovery solution into traditional disaster recovery and backup systems can dramatically reduce the risk of losing backup data as a result of a cyberattack.4

Learn more about the cyber incident recovery capabilities of IBM Resiliency Orchestration and watch the THINK keynote with IBM and IDC thought leaders discussing business continuity. Or schedule a consultation about your disaster recovery and business resiliency needs with one of our experts.

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