Hyundai Heavy Industries: Turning crisis into confidence with next-generation disaster recovery strategy

By: Brojen Singha

Fifteen seconds is no time at all — but when a 5.8-magnitude earthquake shook the headquarters of Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in Ulsan City, South Korea, in 2016, every second felt like an eternity to their business leaders.

At the site, HHI had been hosting all the systems, applications and data that support their core business. Despite having to manage a very complex IT system, they did not have a secondary site to back up and recover those applications and data. Had the duration and intensity of the tremor increased, the entire manufacturing line, their main business, could have gone down.

After the earthquake, HHI took a strategic step to examine its disaster response and recovery capability to defend against natural disasters such as earthquakes. HHI partnered with IBM Business Resiliency Services to create a next-generation disaster recovery (DR) center at a remote location. The process included assessment of their current state, performing a business impact analysis and identification and prioritization of the business supporting systems as well as mission-critical applications. IBM then planned, designed, architected, implemented and tested HHI’s DR systems and center successfully within five months. Today, the DR center covers and protects more than 290 mission-critical applications.

HHI’s new disaster recovery center was established to be able to withstand a seismic event of magnitude 7 or more with multiple power supplies and uninterruptible emergency power supplies that can be tiered based on the importance of the system or data.

Watch the video to learn more about how HHI replaced the chaos with confidence — for themselves and for their clients, partners and subcontractors. Discover how you can partner with IBM Business Resiliency Services to transform your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy and establish a resilient business with highly available systems.

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