Align cloud orchestration with IBM Services Platform with Watson

By: Ramachandra Byahatti | Co-written by: Gautam Bhat


IBM Services Platform with Watson and Orchestration Services (ICDS) address the ongoing disruption in the IT industry with the clients running large transformation projects with a limited budget. The focus has been on increasing operational efficiency and meeting aggressive targets for IT service vendors to cut costs on a yearly basis.

IT services vendors are shifting their focus from systems to services integration and remaining accountable for outcome-related transformation with risk and rewards. Key transformation projects include cognitive solutions, automation and brokerage services. All of these are tightly integrated to hybrid cloud management, IT operations service management and an efficient delivery mechanism.

Evolution of the client experience

Traditionally, clients have relied on one vendor for all business applications development, support and IT infra-management, keeping all their eggs in one basket. Over time, clients have started relying on multiple vendors for different capabilities and building skills in-house. Today, customers have a common consumable service catalog or marketplace, and they publish key services that are managed by different vendors on agreed prices for business users. They also consume public cloud services on-demand.

Integration use cases

IBM Services Platform with Watson was announced in 2017 to help clients manage IT operations with insights, predict outages and remain compliant. The Platform is built on the IBM Cloud and designed to augment human intelligence with cognitive technologies. It autonomously manages IT operations, delivering high service quality and continuous optimization. Cognitive insights, curated from over 30 years of experience, help ensure that every system is up-to-date and compliant and that IT staff have the critical information to make better decisions.

Harness the full power of your core business applications

IBM Cloud Orchestration Services (ICDS), also announced in 2017, automates infra and business applications deployments more quickly and provides overall hybrid cloud management. ICDS improves business agility and efficiency with a centrally hosted IT-as-a-service solution ready for immediate use. Increase flexibility by using automation to provision and orchestrate hybrid cloud infrastructure ready for business applications workloads and integrate monitoring to track expenses and better manage compliance issues across all workloads.

Below are some use cases for integrating the Platform and ICDS capabilities to help IT industry clients improve their digital consumption of IT services. Both platform and orchestration have a great story with integration and use each other’s capabilities very well.

The orchestration platform can feed the data lake and make insights visible to the delivery team. The delivery team can infer workload consumption and capacity, and they can access a real-time dashboard for services that are running, as well as new deployments and diagnostics if any failures occur. Orchestration solution assets like technical work products, solutions calculators, bills of material and statements of work can be fed to the cognitive solutions engine. This helps our solutioning community with improvement in turnaround times and the reuse of assets. The orchestration solution can be instantiated by consuming either a multitenant shared solution or dedicated instance per client. Depending on the requirement services platform with Watson, it could instantiate the automation and orchestration platform as needed based on a preagreed design.

The IT industry needs a unified, well-connected, well-integrated platform that offers key benefits to clients: a pretested solution for client onboarding and a secure, managed environment with self-service portal capabilities.

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