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By: Jim Olson


Many organizations are attracted by the simplicity, the flexibility and the operational expenditure model offered by the public cloud. However, a comprehensive enterprise cloud transformation journey is not without its challenges. The quantity and types of data that organizations must manage continue to grow, with this data expected to be stored in both public and private cloud environments. Innovations in IT are particularly impacting cloud storage, making data even more difficult to manage and maintain. Often, the IT team has a flat budget, but it’s expected to support rapid application development, improve analytics insights and increase efficiency by adopting the latest technologies. To meet these expectations, businesses are moving data to the public cloud, but some business-critical data is not yet suited for the public cloud.

IBM addresses many of these issues with IBM Cloud Private Storage. As a leader in public cloud, we now offer a private enterprise storage-as-a-service (STaaS) for those that want to maintain a hybrid approach. Our offering provides fully managed, dedicated, hosted private cloud storage capacity with secured, day-to-day operational delivery, monitoring and management of data. This private cloud solution is available on-premises or off-premises at an IBM data center, combining the enterprise grade features of a traditional data environment with the flexibility of a cloud-based subscription service. The result is a private, single tenant, high-end enterprise cloud suited for mission-critical applications.

Only pay for what you use

With this offering, IBM has established a pay-per-use operating expense model so storage is only paid for if it is used. This frees up-front capital and provides a predictable monthly expense model. By leveraging IBM’s expertise and investment in storage infrastructure, processes, governance, people and tools to monitor and manage the technology, you can focus on business outcomes while taking advantage of the flexibility provided by a storage solution that meets your performance, budget and compliance requirements.

Put your data to work

Data, whether structured or unstructured, can be stored on multiple block and file data tiers to provide accelerated performance for critical applications and cost-effective storage for less-accessed data. As a result, you can move workloads from storage tier to tier when application requirements change. IBM Cloud Private Storage helps consolidate your IT infrastructure to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase performance. A move to public cloud often requires application redesign, an understanding of change management impact (as infrastructure changes are driven by cloud provider), security management (transforming to cloud), data management (knowing what data is where) and more.

IBM Cloud Private Storage is responsive and adaptive to your business needs and can absorb the storage bursts and capacity demands of new applications, without the need to engage in a lengthy application redesign to enable tolerance of issues encountered in a shared public infrastructure. Thus, IBM Cloud Private Storage allows you to move away from an advanced-reservation provisioning model to a fully automated, on-demand model to meet your capacity needs.

Safeguard your cloud assets

IBM maintains architectural control over the technology, leveraging the latest technologies, including flash, software-defined storage and iSCSI for block or file storage solutions that will continue to evolve to meet your most demanding data requirements. IBM Cloud Private Storage creates an infrastructure that enables faster time to market and helps deliver improved customer experience. And we are constantly working to improve your infrastructure, choices and capabilities. The dedicated, single-tenant storage cloud instance safeguards that your data stays more secure and is supported by data-at-rest encryption. Industry-proven governance, storage management methodologies and best practices, 24×7 support and monitoring offer the peace of mind that your private cloud is managed by IBM, a trusted market leader in IT services.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of both public and private cloud, IBM has combined its expertise in storage, cloud and IT services to develop a storage cloud model for private cloud storage to complement solutions for public cloud and traditional IT infrastructure. IBM Cloud Private Storage transforms your IT and enables you to manage capacity growth and optimize the performance of your storage environment to meet the service-level agreements, leaving you to focus on innovation and core business objectives.

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IBM Distinguished Engineer - GTS TI&A Storage - Systems Services Storage Chief Engineer

IBM Distinguished Engineer - GTS TI&A Storage - Systems Services Storage Chief Engineer

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